Tuesday, February 3, 2009

welcome to india

hey- i got to Delhi this morning around 5am. As the plane hit the tarmac, everyone started getting up out of their seats and taking their luggage out of the cabinets. The flight attendants had a mini freakout for everyone to sit down, because the plane was still moving. Everyone ignored them and i swear i was the only person still in my seat. just a little glimpse for me of the organization of the indira gandhi international airport...
at the customs area, everyone had to get the NEW form, because the one they passed out on the plane was the OLD form. all the passengers huddled around where the new forms were being passed out and started filling them out right there, instead of getting the form and getting out of the way. after i finally elbowed my way into the mass for my form, i realized that it was almost identical to the old form. figures.
then i go out to get a pre-paid taxi, as the guidebook advises. my taxi driver was really nice but he wasn't sure exactly where my guest house is, so we pull over and ask a "tourist office" for directions, but as soon as the guy tells me to have a seat, i know something's up. i refused to sit down and kept asking the taxi driver why we were there. the tourist office guy tried to tell me that my map was old and that the guest house isn't there anymore. he asked for the phone number and called and put me on the phone with someone who said that they were full and that because they are full, he can't give me the address. then i hung up and the tourist office guy said he wants to help because i am new to this country and there are lots of scammers out there. when i asked him why i should trust him, he said he works for the government.
then i left and got back in the taxi. i told the driver a different hostel and he ended up taking me to the first one i asked for because "it will be better for you". so much for not knowing where it is.
remember that all this was happening at 5am and i was really grouchy and not having it, so of course i was fuming at the time, but now everything's ok. i got to my guest house, slept till 2pm, walked around a little.
tomorrow is a new day and i'll probably go see the red fort and the craft museum.
i already saw a cow walking across the street like it really was a god and traffic better stop.
i almost got ran over because they drive on the opposite side of the street here. that's something i wasn't expecting!
well that is all for now. i don't know when i'll next blog but hopefully it will be soon, and with pictures.


Darcy said...

yikes!! glad you were grouchy enough to not let them pull any bullshit on you!

pickles said...

wow sounds kinda crazy, well done for not falling for their tricks. am reading midnight's children at the moment and india sure sounds a bit crazy, but hopefully you'll have a cool time there and not get scammed. watch out for cows :)

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