Sunday, March 15, 2009

slowest computer in all of india.

hi, i'm in darjeeling now and i've been in the process of uploading photos for the last hour, but i give up. I will just say that it is beautiful here and it reminds me of home because it is hilly (though a different kind of hilly from sf) and cold. i walked around a lot today and ate lots too. i will do more of the same over the next few days. i will take pictures and find a decent computer to share said pictures.
i've been thinking about home a lot as the trip is winding down, and i must say: i am really excited to go home! at first this was mixed with regret that my trip isn't longer, but today while i was taking a "shower" with my one bucket of hot water for the day, i was really wishing for a real shower and maybe a bigger towel. it's cold here!
also i can't wait to see everyone back home (esp joon). i have big plans to spend more time with friends when i get back, especially since i'll be unemployed and i'll have plenty of time on my hands, so watch out! anyways, i miss everyone and i will see you all soon (5 weeks and counting).

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Darcy said...

looking forward to seeing you too, jenny! but you'll have to wait until may to see me, sorry. have a great time in your final days!

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