Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beijing part 2

These blossoms are all over place! It's springtime in Beijing... I came at exactly the right moment. The weather is warm but not hot and humid, and all these pretty flowers are everywhere.
Here's a gate in Behai Park. It is not far from my hostel and I walked over there the day before yesterday. I was just getting over the Night of Terror (food sickness) and I walked very, very slowly. There's a big lake there and it was a peaceful place to sit around and enjoy being outside.
This is the face my stomach makes when i get food poisoning. Probably also what my face looks like during food poisoning, come to think of it.
Peking duck. (not the eating kind)
Yesterday I went to this really cool outcrop of art galleries. It's called 798 Art Galleries or something. It used to be a factory but has since been converted and there are over 200 galleries there now. There was a lot of cool sculptures and graffiti outside, as well as cool art inside (but I couldn't take photos of any of that).

Today I went to the Summer Palace but I'll save the pictures for the next blog. It takes a really, really long time to upload photos in China. I'll just say that it was quite crowded but also very pretty.

Tomorrow Joon's coming! Obviously I'm really excited, since it's been over 4 months since we saw each other. He will be featured in the next blog. Until then...

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Derek said...

Summer palace was my favorite!

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