Thursday, April 23, 2009

Home sweet Home

Hello! I'm home!!!!
it's so good to be back. i've been drinking tap water like there's no tomorrow. sadly, my water filter is broken and the water coming out of the kitchen sink is brown from rusty pipes. gross. but still drinkable...
so far i haven't done much at home, just cleaning the house after 6 months of joon's bachelor life revisited. i love him, but he sure is messy.
i don't think i'm having culture shock in a bad way, so far i've been pleasantly surprised by things i forgot about, like how cars will actually stop for you when you cross the street. a giant MUNI bus let me cross the street yesterday and that was a huge shock! i'm so used to crossing crazy traffic and risking my life every time.
it's nice to walk around the street and understand the conversations i hear and actually know what the hell is going on.
i went to get coffee and a bagel on my first morning and the coffee guy gave me coffee on the house as a welcome back present. i really missed bagels, too.
we had fantastic weather the first couple days- 80 degrees and sunny. today it's back to foggy sf weather though.
i saw a guy washing his car and looked at all that drinkable water wasted on the sidewalk and wondered why we use drinkable water in our toilets and garden hoses? especially when the rest of the world doesn't even get drinkable water in their kitchen sinks.
also, i'm having a hard time putting toilet paper into the toilet, which i haven't been able to do anywhere on my trip. does anyone know why the us and europe can flush tp when no one else can?
so far i'm missing the indian head wiggle (which means yes, by the way), cheap everything, and warm weather. but mostly i'm happy to be back home.
i thought joon bought new pillows because they are so fluffy and soft, but then i realized i've been using 3 inch, rock-hard pillows for the last 6 months.
this will be my last blog so i guess i should just say once more that it's great to be home, and my trip was amazing. i am one lucky ducky to have been able to take so much time off to travel and see our beautiful planet. i met a lot of people who reminded me that traveling is the sort of thing that anyone can do with a little planning and saving, and that it's a choice you make. it is great to get out there and see what other people are doing, especially in countries like india where everything is so different from home that it seems like the world is upside down and backwards. after a while you realize that they have their own system and ways of doing things and if you pay enough attention, you see that it actually does make sense.
just want to say thanks to everyone for following my adventures. all the comments and emails made me feel closer to home in the lonely times and i appreciate it. with that i will sign out and hope to see each of you soon.
Love, Jenny

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travelbug said...

It sounds so lovely to be back. I am glad you are acclimating well. San Francisco is so happy to have you back. I miss you.

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