Thursday, November 20, 2008

more Tulum

Mary and Simone, my current travel buddies, are leaving Tulum tomorrow and I am heading north for Playa del Carmen to meet Rocio and Cassie, friends from home. I am excited to see them, and do more laying on the beach.
This photo`s of the girls at the Tulum ruins, which are amazing because they are on a cliff overlooking the beach.
Here is a photo from my cabaña. It is nice and sunny today but also pretty windy.

There are a bunch of boats all over the beach, and here is a cool picture of La Gaviota. I don`t see the beached boats going anywhere, but there`s a dive school not far from where I`m staying, and I see people coming and going with scuba gear to the boats that are anchored a little ways offshore.
Here`s a picture of me with foreboding clouds in the back.
I don`t have much to report. I have been mostly lounging around in the sun and reading... a lot.
Things are wonderful here and I can`t complain. Okay, one thing. I counted the mosquito bites last night, and there were 24 on each leg! I am doing my best not to scratch them...

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MaryWilcox said...

Jenny I miss you already! Have a good trip to playa! PS that picture makes us look like PARTY ANIMALS

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