Saturday, November 8, 2008

San Cristòbal de las Casas

so, i haven`t taken many pictures recently. After Oaxaca I took a van to San Augustinillo, a town on the coast, and stayed there for three nights with some new travel friends, Simone and Jake. The bus ride was a little bit awful. The road was really windy and it seemed like the driver was trying to make people throw up. Also, one of the people in the van forgot something in the bathroom and although he had only driven 2 min. away, he at first refused to drive her back, then agreed to do it but made her pay for 5 liters of gas.
The beach was really nice, though. There was a lot of laying around and napping, and making delicious food to eat.
Two nights ago we took a night bus for 12 hours to get to San Cristòbal, where I am now. It is in the mountains so the weather is: really hot in the sun, really cold not in the sun, freezing cold at night. One of my missions today is to buy a scarf.
So far the town is really beautiful. It is in Chiapas and there are a lot of indigenous people here. There are supposed to be some interesting artesanìa markets and today I am going to go to a museum of traditional Mayan medicine.
The first picture above is a church here in San Cristòbal. I thought it looked interesting with the flags. The second picture is of me with yet another cute cat, per Joon`s request of more cat pictures.
I will take more pictures today and hopefully get them up in the next few days.


cassandra said...

i agree with joon...more cats! speaking of, i need to remind ro to bring jennycat with us. jennycat and jennytsang in the same photo! ack!

Albert, Simply Put said...

The pics are cool, but not as important as your stories -- keep sharing those, for sure.

Ironically, I got a scarf for my birthday, and I wish I could send it to you right this instant... ;)

Rocio said...

llenicat is super stoked to go to the yucatan. she's looking a little pale, if you ask me... the sun will do her well.

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