Sunday, November 9, 2008

still in San Cristòbal

Me, Jake, and Simone.
You know this guy.

Hello! I am still in San Cristòbal de las Casas, and yesterday i took some interesting photos of stencil graffiti which i am posting here.
It is really cold here at night but yesterday i bought a scarf and i stole an extra blanket from an empty bed in my dorm.
During the day it is really hot in the sun. Mountain weather, i guess.
This morning at 7 o`clock we lost Jake to language school in Guatamala, but Simone and i are going to keep traveling to the Yùcatan together. She has a friend coming to Cancun on the 15th and my friends Cassie and Rocìo are coming shortly thereafter.
For now we are staying here for at least one more night, then are next move is to go to Palenque to see the ruins.


Albert, Simply Put said...

Ah, you and me and crazy weather -- what gives? Anyway, love the stencil stuff... ;)

travelbug said...

so cool that you are doing the graffiti/stencil stuff...i started doing that with the bush in buenos aires there is a bush head with mickey mouse ears that is so funny...i will send that to you...

Derek said...

you should have brought your silk screen stencils!

Pinky Royale said...

I am so glad you found some grafitti! I found a great stencil of Audrey Hepburn the other day on a building in NW Portland. Who says vandalism can't be classy?

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