Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oaxaca de Juarez, again

Hi Everyone, I´m back in Oaxaca. It´s good to be back. The weather is really nice, hot in the sun and just right in the shade and in the evenings.
I arrived yesterday morning and spent the day looking for an apt. for the month of December, and also I visited the language school I´ll be going to. The lady at the language school was extremely nice, she helped me out by giving me some phone numbers to call about apt.s.
This morning I went to look at two apartments; one was promising, the other not. I´m giving myself the weekend to find one, then I will settle in for a month!
The picture above is of the courtyard of the hostel I´m staying at, Hostel Luz de Luna. It was suggested to me by my friend Kierstin and it´s great because they have 4 dogs and 2 cats wandering around the premises. Having pets around makes it feel a little more like home.
It is low season in Oaxaca and there are hardly any tourists around. Very different from the last time I was here, for Día de los Muertos. Last night there were only 3 people including myself staying at the hostel.

Well, I must continue the apt. search for now. I am posting some stencil grafitti I found around town yesterday for the infamous Pinky Royale and anyone else who likes it. The bottom one is the most amazing, I think. Enjoy!


donnad said...

hey jenny! i just checked out all your posts and photos- what an amazing trip so far. i'm going to add so many things to my "places i gotta see" list! hope you are well! can't wait to read about more adventures!
-donna (good ole neighbor)

Pinky Royale said...

Man, I LOVE that photorealistic stencil style. It blows my mind. I was watching a YouTube clip (I know, I am lame) of this guy Logan Hicks doing one of his. Totally insane, you've got to think roughly 50 steps ahead of yourself to do it.
Keep the good pics coming and how did I become infamous? Did I do crime? Like getting sushi and not paying for it?

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