Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Here`s a photo of the ceiling of a church just off the Zòcalo. I can`t remember the name of the church, but it is extremely ornate inside. I was especially fascinated by this tree of kings carving.
Here`s a mix of hostellers I`ve been hanging out with... we all got dressed up for Halloween, most of us made our costumes. Obviously first prize goes to the breast.

These are some giant sculptures. The guy in the picture was getting them ready for the parade on Day of the Dead.

This one`s just a pretty picture of the light and colors of Oaxaca...

There were a bunch of these art pieces on the streets in honor of Dìa de los Muertos. This was my favorite one.
I will try to post more pictures within the next couple of days, after Dìa de los Muertos. Hasta luego....

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DAN said...

happy halloween to you!

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