Monday, December 1, 2008

Oaxaca 2

Hi, People. There will be no pictures because the fancy new digital camera is temporarily out of service. All the new pictures I take say: Unidentifiable Image instead of showing me the image and if anyone knows how to fix this, please leave a comment or email me.
Anyway, now for an update on how Jenny is doing.
I found a really cute one bedroom apt this weekend. It has a little kitchen and a little dining room/living room, and a bedroom and bathroom. Its in a big apt building that is much more attractive and open than the apt buildings I am used to. The land lady is really nice too, and there is a little dog named Rocky who lives there too. I move in tomorrow, and I am very excited.
More exciting news is that today I started language school. We had some grammar review stuff and a conversation part where we talked about how rural Mexican families have 12 kids and city families only have 4 or less. We also talked about how the American economy is screwed and how it affects Mexico.
I like the other people in my class and today i got to hang out with one of my classmates after class was over. We had lunch together and she accompanied me while I walked around asking people where you can get a digital camera fixed.
Oaxaca is still beautiful. I am feeling really inspired by all the art here and the colorful buildings. I found more stencil graffiti and I am in awe of it. I took a lot of pictures but I can`t see any of them yet. I am planning on going back if I have to and stealing some techniques for future silk screening projects.
There are also a lot of free museums and tons of galleries. Today I went to the museum of textile and saw some ridiculously ornate, handmade textiles- everything from blouses to chaps.
The warm weather is holding up, which I am happy about. It`s a little dry but the dry heat is welcome after the humid Carribean coast where nothing really drys all the way.
Well that is all for now. I hope I`m not blogging too much. Just trying to stay in touch and when I write in here it makes me feel like I`m talking to everyone from home.
Well I am heading back home for a delicious cheese and avocado tsangwich. Until next time...


SJL said...

important distinction: are they assless chaps??

Albert, Simply Put said...

Sounds like it could be a Memory card issue? Any chance you can purchase a new memory card and see if that solves it? Otherwise, I hope it's not a tech glitch in the camera itself, 'cause that'd make things a bit more complicated...

If not, keep describing the action to us. It's getting good... ;)

Pinky Royale said...


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