Friday, December 26, 2008

Tsang family Xmas 2008

The chapulines catches Joon`s eye...
Seriously considering it....

Eating the chapulines!
For the record, Joon is only the 2nd non-Oaxacan i have met so far who was brave enough to put a chapuline in his mouth. The Oaxacans love them- they are fried grasshoppers with some red stuff on them (chile?)- and I actually see people standing around with a ziploc bag just munching on them. Joon did not like them all that much, but he gets extra credit for trying it.
The family all arrived in these last few days, and we have been walking and eating our way through Oaxaca. Here is a shot of Joon, Derek, and my mom eating at a sidewalk stand on Christmas morning.
Lunchtime at the 20 de noviembre market- my dad and Derek enjoying menudo soup.
Joon after he finished his enchilada at Central de Abastos market.

On the way home from Central de Abastos, we stopped at the nieves area to cool off with some ice cream.
Then we all headed home for our daily nap/resting period while my mom, notorious for her endless reserves of energy, stayed out wandering the streets. This is our daily routine.
Christmas was weird, being in a different country and all, but wonderful. We went out for dinner and I had some really great soup.
I have a pretty awful cough that started this morning. It is a dry, itchy cough. So far I`ve been drinking tea with lemon and honey and using cough drops. If anyone has any other suggestions for remedies, I will be happy to hear them.
Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!


Rocio said...

Hope you and your family had a great christmas! I'm sure this was a memorable one! :)

cassandra said...

Lleni Tsang! It looks like you and the familia are having a swell time. I hope you had a merry Christmas and are enjoying the rest of your time with them all. So after next week, where you off to next??? Hope all is well, miss you!

Albert, Simply Put said...

Hope you're feeling better by the time you read this -- it sounds like you're just having a minor flu, could be from the climate or just how you've been traveling. I recommend getting some cold remedy at a pharmacia, or, try one of the grasshoppers -- the spice should cause sweat to release whatever's in your body. Happy New Year!... ;)

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