Saturday, December 13, 2008

oaxaca 6

Hi! The virgen of Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexico. Yesterday was her big day, and here in Oaxaca they had a giant fair in her honor at a park near my house called El Llano. The best part was the ´toritos´ (little bulls) and the giant tower of fireworks.
There is a torito in the picture above, right before it is set on fire. So, they light it and all those little white things start shooting sparks and someone holds it on their head and runs around (i guess you could call it dancing...) in the street with it as it shoots fireworks all over the place and the wheels on the thing spin around. It is pretty amazing really, and I got video of it on my camera but i can`t figure out how to post it on the blog (Albert Simply Put, please help!).
Then, they have this big tower thing set up with wheels and fireworks all over it, and they light that on fire and it whistles and spins around. It is deliciously dangerous and fun to watch. One of the wheels actually flew off and went spinning (on fire of course) into the crowd, between two fire brigade members, and onto the leg of an innocent bystander. We would never allow this to happen in the US and it is one of the reasons why we are no fun.

Before the fireworks, I went to my teacher Nora`s language academy to watch her sing in French for her school`s posada. Some of my classmates went too. clockwise starting with me, because you know who i am: me, Laura, her boyfriend Carlos, Alyssa, Nora.

A donkey at the fair.

These are two of my classmates. They are Juri and Kaori from Japan. They are probably the two cutest people I have ever met.

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