Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oaxaca 8/ Posadas

Hi! Tomorrow is my last day of class at Oaxaca International. I´m feeling pretty sad about it. I really like the people at the school and my classmates, and learning Spanish. I really want to be fluent one day and I think I will have to move to a Spanish speaking country to do it. The good news is, I found out today that I have learned all the verb tenses there are, so now all that´s left is perfecting my subjuntivo and beefing up on vocabulary and slang.
Here is a photo of the courtyard of my apt. building. I saw doña Lulu yesterday, putting up more Christmas decorations and she confessed to me that she loves to put them up, but hates to take them down. I understand completely. The building looks really nice with all the lights and angels and the 3 kings.My door is the open one on the bottom left.

Two nights ago some teachers from the school took us to the first posada of the year. It is a Christmas tradition where women from the community (las madrinas) get together and put on a little neighborhood party. They make food, drinks, and get music and piñatas going. They do all this out of the goodness of their hearts, for the community and for the sake of tradition. It is sort of like a SF street fair except no one is charging you any money for anything. Mexicans are so cool!Here´s a photo of my ponche. I hope I´m spelling that right. It is like a tea with cinnamon, sugarcane, and some unidentified fruits. Kind of like cider.
Here´s a picture of one of my teachers, Nora, and one of my classmates, Erin.

A shot of the madrinas passing out food. There was media tortas (half sandwiches) and tamales. mmmmmmm....

Krazy Kaori showing her media torta and tamale.

An action shot of grammar class. Kaori, Juri, me and our teacher Judith. We have grammar for 2 hours, a short break, then conversation for 2 hours.

Oops- this picture is supposed to be in the ´posters for simone´ post.

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