Monday, December 8, 2008

oaxaca 4

Let´s see, what is new here....
It´s a new week in Spanish class and now i am learning about the subjunctive.
Today i found two cool coffee shops, one of which shows movies for free.
I am smoking Faro brand cigarettes, which is a Mexican brand that one of my Spanish teachers first smoked when he was 10. The ones I have are menthols which aren´t my favorite but I really wanted the tin box (...pretty) so I am pushing through.
This weekend I went to Huajuapan for the day. It is a smaller city to the northwest of Oaxaca, to visit a friend of a friend of Joon´s. There wasn´t a whole lot to do there, but the drive was really gorgeous. So far, I´ve driven in and out of Oaxaca 6 times and I am always in awe of the mountains. Actually, they look a lot like California. Kind of a cross between the chaparral in southern Cali. and the Sonoma area just before you hit the redwoods on the 101. Blonde hills and oak trees, plus throw in some nopal and there you have it!
Today I visited the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo and there was some cool video stuff. Also, the paintings/drawings of a man in the woods above. The weird toy picture is of bubbles with toys attached to the caps. They were selling them in the Zócalo this weekend. And last but not least, a photo of a ¨catrina¨ that I saw today. So mexicana....

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