Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oaxaca posters for Simone

Back in late Oct/early Nov when I was in Oaxaca the first time and I met Jake and Simone, Simone pointed out all the cool posters Oaxaca has. It seems to be the way they advertise music and political stuff here, and there are new posters all the time. They are mostly pasted onto the stone walls, but sometimes they are hung in shop windows. Anyway, I am putting some photos up here in honor of Simone so she can see what is up these days.

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SJL said...

Jenny! how wonderful!
I especially like the one of the flaming whatever that is.
Have you had any luck getting them down off the walls?
I haven't seen very many posters lately. I peeled one in Guatemala City, but it was kind of dirty and not that cool so I abandoned it like all the others.

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