Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year!

wow, i can`t believe it´s 2009. i guess it`s because i wasn`t really thinking about it, but it seems like the whole year just snuck right past me.
joon and i had a great new year in the zòcalo, where there were plenty of fireworks and kids, teenagers, and families all enjoying them. once again mexico outdoes the us with danger/fun. joon bought every type of firework available, and more than once sparks flew onto his clothes. miraculously, he escaped with all ten fingers.
tomorrow we head for mexico city, the belly of the beast that is mexico. we will spend two days there and then joon has to head back to sf and i go on to nyc. i am looking forward to spending two days in my home country, where i plan to eat bagels, drink coffee, see the empire state building, and watch american movies (without subtitles). i don`t think that i`m prepared for the freezing cold weather of new york, especially after i`ve been spoiled with 80 degree weather every day in oaxaca, but i have a jacket, hat, gloves and a scarf, and i`ll take my chances.
i am hoping that everyone at home is safe and warm and enjoying the rose parade on tv. i miss you all and hope that you have a great new year!

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