Thursday, January 8, 2009


Hi, I made it to Egypt in one piece (complete with luggage!). The first thing I saw after getting my pack was Sarahima's smiling face on the other side of the security gate. She and Annette had arrived from Spain a few hours earlier and waited for me at the airport.
After reuniting, we took a cab to the hostel and slept for a few hours, then this morning we got up and headed to the bus station for a 6 and a half hour bus ride from Cairo to Hurghada. There wasn't much to see out the window, just a lot of sand. I slept on and off for the bus trip and I am still quite exhausted.
So far, Egypt is good. There was a prayer call around 5am and I remembered that they had that in Senegal when I went to see Mary and Dan. Our bus driver played prayer music and the kid who runs the internet cafe is playing it right now. It is really beautiful, a capella melody. I can't tell what's being said because my Arabic isn't what it used to be, but that just makes it more mysterious.
I am grateful to be traveling with friends in this very different part of the world. It is so much easier to navigate the overly aggressive touts and to figure out what to do with more brains thinking about it.
Tomorrow Sarah and Annette are starting their 4 day scuba course and I will walk them to class and maybe do a bit of exploring. I will take some photos and post them in the next few days.


pickles said...

feliz ano nuevo jenny! espero que estes segura en el este medio, y que bueno que recibiste tu equipaje. buen viaje. estoy en san miguel de allende, un poco norte de ciudad mexico, es muy bonito, debes venir aqui algun dia. ten cuidado. pickles. x

Rania said...

Hi Jenny! Well I haven't talked to you in years but this seems like an appropriate occasion since I stumbled upon your blog. I am so excited that you are in Egypt...I truly wish I was there because of my roots and all...I hope you are having a great time and that Rahima is not driving you crazy.

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