Monday, January 5, 2009

Learning Lessons in NYC

I never thought that i'd be using a TTI technologies computer, but here i am at the HI in NYC doing just that. $1 for 10 minutes! what a rip!
Anyway... I landed safe and sound yesterday afternoon at JFK international. Unfortunately, my baggage did not. In fact, it never left Mexico City and i'm not sure that it has yet. The official story is that our plane was too heavy so they left some of the luggage there and it was coming on the next flight. There were about 40 of us altogether, and I stuck around until the agent entered my form into the computer so I could get a claim number since I don't have a phone and I wasn't really sure what the hostel's phone number or zip code was. This took about 3 hours. I was second to last and the agent confided in me that it was likely that our bags weren't coming anytime soon, because Mexicana had another screw-up earlier in the day. It has been about 24 hours now so at this point I am just hoping that it gets here as in New York before I leave for Cairo tomorrow. On the upside, it is surprising how little I need. I had packed my ipod, book, all the warm clothes I have, an extra pair of underwear, and my passport stuff, and so far I've only bought a few toiletries and a t-shirt and I'm actually pretty comfortable.
I went to the Empire State Building (pity I didn't have my camera) and Times Square and have been walking all over Manhattan. It is cold!!!!! and beautiful. New York is so lovely and the people are so pushy and it's a pretty amazing city.
I had one other major problem today which also worked out. The airline I am flying with tomorrow doesn't seem to have a phone number. I went on a wild goose chase armed with a $20 phone card (almost gone now- thanks again TTI) and still do not know the phone number for them. I was able to confirm my flights tomorrow with the travel agent back in SF. Apparently there is some secret system that travel agents have access to that is directly connected to the airlines' flight information.
So, that is me right now. Cooling my heels waiting for long lost luggage and a flight to Egypt to meet Sarah and Annette. I hope everyone's new year is going great so far. I will post pictures as soon as I have a camera again. Until soon....

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