Saturday, January 3, 2009

¡Que Viva México!

Well, my time in Mexico is almost over. Joon and I both have to catch a plane tomorrow morning. His plane is bound for home, mine to NYC for two days and then on to Egypt.
We have a tv in our hotel room and it is the first tv I have watched in a long while. Today I learned that there is some serious shit going on in Israel and Gaza and I am wondering if it´s really a good idea that I visit Israel right now (or in 2 weeks). So I will discuss with my soon to be travel partners, the amazing Sarahima and Annette, who are traveling the world on a 10 month trip. I will meet them in Egypt on Wednesday and the plan was to work our way overland to Tel Aviv, but we shall see.
The important thing I want to say is that I love Mexico from the bottom of my heart, and I feel so lucky that I got to be here for the last 2 1/2 months, and really I don´t want to leave. So I will come back one day. The things I love about Mexico are too many to count really, but here are a few: cute babies, first class buses which are more comfortable than planes, huevos rancheros, corn on a stick with mayonnaise and cheese and chili powder, fireworks, scary bus rides, people selling stuff on the metro, aztec soup, affordable avocadoes, houses painted every color imaginable, COLOR EVERYWHERE, beautiful, kind people, young men helping old ladies crossing the street, danger (translation: FUN) everywhere you look, and so much more.
I feel especially lucky that my family and Joon got to come here to share it all with me. I am looking forward to seeing Sarahima, Annette, and Molly on soon-to-come parts of my trip.
There is a lot more traveling to come in the next four months, and it should be exciting because I will have no knowledge of the language in any other places I go, so stay tuned!

Me and Joon on one of those ridiculous top of the bus tours today.

A pretty house in Condesa- fancy neighborhood in DF.

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