Monday, January 26, 2009

missed flight to turkey

Hello. I have officially missed my flight to Turkey because it left at 3:50am and not pm. Duh. But now i will never, ever do that again.
For the time being, I am killing the newly found 12 hours (only 6 more to go!) in Amman.
I don't remember, but i think i haven't posted pictures of Petra yet. I will do it soon, maybe. Right now the camera cable is nestled in the bottom of my pack and i don't have the will to dig it out.
Sarahima and Annette left yesterday morning and i am sad without them. Luckily a friend we met in Petra has been hanging out in Amman for the last few days so i have a buddy to pass the time with.
Well, that's all for now. Hopefully I will get to Istanbul soon (inch'allah) and I will write another post when i am settled.

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Albert, Simply Put said...

Here's a tip: Keep the cable in a front zipper of your backpack. That way it's always within easy reach. It's what I do with my backup flashdrives and cables when I hit the road.

Look forward to hearing about what you did for those layover hours... ;)

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