Monday, January 19, 2009

Luxor to Cairo to Alexandria... I hate Egyptian computers.

Alexandria library
Our 8th meal of the day.

The Egyptian museum.

Sarahima's family in Cairo.

The Sphynx.

Karnak Temple in Luxor.

Hi, I am in Alexandria now. I'ts been a whirlwind last two days. We spent three nights in Luxor and got to see the Valley of the Kings and the Karnak Temple. We then took a train to Cairo, which was better than taking the bus because you get to walk around on a train and there was more space for our legs. The bathroom was pretty awful- a pee puddle on the ground and a door that wouldn't lock. When we got to Cairo we tried to take a taxi to our hostel but this took about an hour, because our cabbie didnt understnad what we were talking about and didn't know where our hostel was. After driving in circles all around downtown Cairo, we finally arrived to our hostel and checked in for a night, slept for about 6 hours before heading out to the pyramids at 6:30am. We saw the pyramids at Giza in the morning and got to go inside the Great pyramid... not recommended for claustrophobic people, because you have to crouch down for most of the hike up into the pyramid. The room at the end of the path was a completely sealed chamber and was very Indiana Jones.

Later in the day we met up with Sarahima's aunt Nahid. It has been 14 years since they last saw each other. Right away we felt the difference of walking around with a local. Later in the evening we went to Aunt Nahid's cousin's house and were fed a giant meal. We were invited to stay the night and we enjoyed talking to Sarah's cousin's. They fed us several meals after dinner and we were stuffed to the gills.
Today we took a minibus to to Alexandria, where Aunt Nahid lives. We walked around a little bit tonight but we will see more tomorrow. I will try to post more pictures later in the week but right now I am having a typical Egyptian computer experience. The computer is having major issues and the guys who work here appear to know even less about how to fix a computer than I do. Meanwhile they are talking about us in Arabic while laughing and staring at us. The men in Egypt can be a little crude sometimes, although I should say that the people that I've met here that I was actually able to communicate with have been extremely kind and generous.
More news is that I am definitely not going to Israel. Aside from being disgusted with what is going on there, it doesn't seem safe and I have changed my ticket to leave from Amman, Jordan.
For now I'm signing out in frustration, but just know that I am doing ok and I am safe. I also miss home at this moment.


joyful said...

oh jenny, we miss you too! but looking at your blog and pictures it looks like you're actually doing fine :) don't miss us too much, we're here, and you are too, right within our hearts, all the time.
keep shining! joyful

Rocio said...

Hi LLeni,
Pics are awesome! wish I was still traveling with you :(


Albert, Simply Put said...

Your storytelling gets better each time -- you're becoming quite the chronicler, even more so than I. Be safe out there, and hope you're still rock'n it every day you're out there... ;)

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