Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 2 in Mexico City

yes, i know the title is really boring. i{m not feeling particularly creative.
That being said, I am having an awesome time in Mexico City! My friend Nannette who was planning to meet me got in to the hostel a few hours after me, and we ran into another friend from the hostel unexpectedly! It was Lisa and her boyfriend Simon!
so then we all had some dinner and went out to Lucha Libre, which I have to say is fascinating. It was a lot of over-dramatic wrestling, really fantastic costumes, fireworks shooting out of the stage, and lots of audience participation. I wish I could{ve taken pictures but they wouldn{t let me bring my camera inside the stadium.
Then afterwards we went to Garabaldi Square where there were literally hundreds of mariachi musicians standing around in mariachi outfits singing to really drunk people. It was pretty great. We had a quesadilla and Lisa tried to convince us how fun it would be to pay some lady to shock us with this weird jump rope-looking thing with metal handles.

Today me and Nannette took a tour to see the Pyramids at Teotihuacan. It was so incredibly beautiful! The pyramids are huge, and our guide taught us a lot of interesting history which I can`t remember right now. It was neat to think about what it would have been like to live back then while standing on the top of the pyramids.
We also saw the place where the miracle of the Virgen de Guadalupe happened. The story goes that some colonial Spaniard asked an indigenous person to carry roses from point A to point B, and when he got to point B, the image of the Virgen was on the cloth he was carrying the roses in.....? (Are there any Catholic people who can help me out on this story? I{m not really sure if I have it right) So.... they have the original piece of cloth in this church and I saw it. It looks suspiciously like a painting, though.
Mexico City is a really neat place. There are a lot of cool, old buildings and it`s pretty clean and the people are really friendly.
I am going to try to post some pictures now. enjoy!

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Darcy said...

Jenny--I've done that shock cord thing...pretty strange. I love hearing about you in Mexico City and going to all those places I've been to. Rock on, baby!

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