Friday, October 24, 2008

San Miguel de Allende

Here is a fountain that spouts water from the river which S. Miguel was founded on.
Another beautiful fountain.

Not sure what this building is, but look at the color!

Another fountain... recognize a theme?

This cat lived at the thermal water place. Looked how relaxed and blissed out she is.

Here are some photos of S. Miguel de Allende. I went to a thermal waters spa yesterday- there was this weird tunnel that led to a cave, all submerged in water. The thermal water was dumping into the cave and coming out of the tunnel to the rest of the place. It was really relaxing there.

San Miguel in general is a really beautiful town. I met an expat from Boston who lives there now. She said the place is becoming very developed. She said it with disdain but I liked it a lot. I even got to see a movie- Peligro Bangkok.

The only bad part is that my room had a cockroach problem and the water pressure and heat from the shower was muy mal. I basically had to bathe in the sink. You can`t have your cake and eat it too, I guess.


Albert, Simply Put said...

Ah, you really know how to rough it. A lady in my tour group is complaining of carpet stains and a loose-hanging wallpaper. Maybe she should read your woes instead... ;)

DAN said...

mexican buildings always have cool ass colors...

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