Monday, October 20, 2008

Tepoztlan part 2

OOOOOooooooohhhh my god. I just typed a whole bunch of stuff and it got ERASED. oh man, i hate computers. ok, i will try again. i will take a lesson from mexico and be tranquila.

As I was saying (or said), today we took a bus to a place one hour outside of Mexico City to a place called Tepoztlan. It is a small, sleepy town with the most perfect weather imaginable. It´s in a valley with all these sharp mountains surrounding it. We read in the all-knowing guide book that there is a pyramid up a 2km path. We thought we´d give it a go and discovered that the book forgot to mention that the path is nearly vertical. We huffed and puffed, and finally got there. It was really nice at the top- we were greeted by coatis walking around and digging in the trash (sounds gross but was actually cute), had a great view of the town and got to see the small pyramid which archeologists were working on to restore it to it´s former glory.

Yesterday we walked around the city and used the Metro to get around. They have an excellent thing going here with the metro- it goes everywhere, not unlike Paris´ Metro system. To use it, you only have to pay 2 pesos! Which is something like 20 cents.

Also, I´d like to take this time to say that I find Mexico City to be not as dangerous or polluted as I was told. It´s very clean (no birds dropping out of the sky from smog pollution Joon ;) ), everyone is extremely friendly and nice, and it doesn´t seem to be any more dangerous than major cities. So if you´re thinking of visiting Mexico City but you´re nervous, that is just stupid. I promise.


I posted some pictures. they are adorable coatis eating each other´s fleas, Pyramid Tepoztlan, a shot of the town with the death-defying mountain behind it, Diego Rivera murals in the Palacio Nacional, Nannette attempting to tame a feral cat, people doing there daily traditional dance in the Z√≥calo, and another shot of the mountain.

I have more but it takes too long to upload them. Ok that´s all. I hope everyone is doing great and that you send me an email with news from home.


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Rocio said...

Yay, Lleni! Glad to hear that you are having a good time. (btw, i'm sure you'll be hearing more people calling you "Lleni" in the weeks to come)
Make sure you have some "real" churros!
Also, there's a castle up in chapultepec. dont go there. you'll think you're in austria! j/k
have fun!

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