Friday, October 17, 2008

i made it to mexico city!!!

well, i made it. i haven{t slept much since wed. night but i{m trying to stay awake until bedtime. sorry there are no pictures again but i{m kind of out of it. and i have yet to get used to a spanish keyboard. i don{t have much to say today, other than i am exhausted and overwhelmed and that mexico city is beautiful. the hostel is pretty cool- its right near the center and they have two rooftop terraces and there is a cat. hes pretty dirty but he insisted on sitting on my lap.
thats all i have for now. maybe i{ll write again tomorrow after i get some sleep.


DAN said...

check out the lucha libres!!! mexico city rocks...-DAN

cassandra said...

I stayed at that hostel too! a perfect location and lots of fun people...and cheap beers, that you wouldn't appreciate as much as me :)

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