Wednesday, October 22, 2008

why not to sit in the front of a mexican bus

this is how i look when i`m feeling defeated.

this skull is tiled but it`s a real skull

    • this one has some weird eye things attached to it.

    you can see the driver pull up within 3 inches to the next car to get them to move

    the driver`s assistant talks to you in really fast spanish about everything, but you don`t really understand because he`s talking to fast and all you want to do is read your book

    you have to watch the driver texting on his phone while passing a slower truck on a 2 lane highway

    bicycles are riding on the wrong side of the street!!! and it looks like you`re going to hit them with the bus becasue the shoulder is too f------- small

    yes, today i took a bus out of mexico city to san miguel de allende. it took forever, but i got here in one piece. this town is so peaceful and pretty. i arrived around 5 pm, found a place to stay, walked around a bit and had something to eat. there are little kids everywhere, and they all seem happy. it is too dark to take pictures but i will do it tomorrow so you all can see.

    nannette went home today. it was sad to take the bus without her. i think she would have gotten a kick out of it.

    well, i am putting some pictures from the archeology museum in mexico city. apparently i found the skulls really interesting. one of them is partly tiled. there`s a photo of these crazy costumed guys outside the museum. they were dancing around this maypole thing and playing music, then they climbed up it and started sliding down ropes while the top part was turning. i never got the whole story on that, but it was fascinating.


    Derek said...

    I like the skull with deviled eggs for eyes.

    travelbug said...

    i hear you sister...public transport can be a real bitch, despite all its glories...

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